About Richard Reiner

Richard Reiner was born in the Bronx in New York City and raised in the Northeast. He credits his family with exposing him to the arts from an early age. “We regularly visited art museums and galleries, which inspired me to pursue a creative path. I caught the acting bug during high school, which stayed with me through those younger years and ultimately led to my role as a talent agent, which I have enjoyed for more than 25 years.” 

Fate recently stepped in when Richard’s teenage daughter decided she wasn’t interested in the art classes he had paid for, so he went instead. “I’ve never looked back.”

Richard's landscape and abstract paintings are equally masterful: visually moving and often tempestuous, his landscapes reflect his love of the outdoors and nature, and capture both the serenity and power of nature; his abstracts capture that essence, and are emotive of the same power of nature, utilizing color and pattern to express strong feeling and movement. Richard's figurative work captures the movement and strength of his subjects.   

With Hollywood in his veins, it is no surprise that Richard’s art has made it to the small screen, appearing on the past eight seasons of the hit CBS show The Mentalist. Richard’s work also hangs in many corporate offices and in private collections.